Wilma’s work experience in the bank has been extremely wide-ranging. She began her career in 1980 as a cashier with the former AMRO Bank. Before moving to Group Economics for the first time in 1996, she handled complaints relating to international payments. As departmental secretary, Wilma’s duties at Group Economics covered a wide remit, from a key position in organising publications to assisting management. In 2001, Wilma moved with her boss Han de Jong to ABN AMRO Asset Management. Han was appointed Head of Investment Strategy and Wilma took up the position of Research Assistant. When in 2005 Han was invited to become Chief Economist, Wilma returned with him to Group Economics. Wilma’s broad employability is fully recognised in her current role. She’s closely involved in organising publications, is a highly active member of the new publication platform of Group Economics, and coordinates various budgetary and administrative matters.

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