Georgette Boele is Currency and Precious Metals Strategist at ABN AMRO Group Economics. After studying at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialised in organisational science and financial markets, she spent a number of years in life insurance, mortgage lending and pensions before switching to financial markets. In 1998, after taking an internal training programme, Georgette started at ABN AMRO as currency dealer. In 2000, she moved to ABN AMRO’s private banking arm in Switzerland, where she remained until September 2011. Georgette specialised in various financial markets, and was awarded a doctorate by Rushmore University for her book Strategic Market Analysis. After that, she began specialising in precious stones. She holds a Diploma of Gemmology of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA) and a Diamond Graduate Diploma (D.G., Rough and Polished Diamond Grader) of the International Gemological Institute.While in Switzerland, she held various posts, including Treasury Specialist, Currency Business Manager, Currency Training and Currency and Commodities Analyst. Since 2006, Georgette has concentrated entirely on currency and commodities market research and has headed up a research team. A year after returning to the Netherlands, she transferred to Group Economics to take up her current position as Currency and Precious Metals Strategist. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has a good command of French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

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