Global Monthly – Just how much pent-up demand is there?

by: Sandra Phlippen , Aline Schuiling , Arjen van Dijkhuizen , Bill Diviney , Jan-Paul van de Kerke , Nick Kounis , Nora Neuteboom

  • We launch a new look Global Monthly containing a global theme as well as short regional updates
  • The shape of the global recovery will in large part depend on the extent to which consumers will spend the massive build-up in savings. This will drive a significant rebound in consumption…
  • …but it will likely be tempered by the skew in savings to higher earners, and elevated unemployment
  • Meanwhile, global trade and industry continue to be the major bright spot in the global economy
  • Regional updates: in the eurozone, the economy has entered a double-dip recession ahead of the recovery in H2, while in the Netherlands we write about the implications of the delay to coalition talks
  • In the US, we raised our Q1 GDP forecast, and see upside risks to our 5.8% 2021 growth projection
  • We also raised our growth forecast for China, but see signs of a turn in the credit cycle
Global-Monthly-April-2021-1.pdf (334 KB)

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