Energy Transition – Solar: From Dawn to Sunrise

by: Farah Abi Morshed , Hans van Cleef

Our publication “From Dawn to Sunrise” portrays an early stage of solar energy development within the Netherlands, which can drive itself to sunrise (a mature stage in development and contribution to the total energy consumption). This can be realized if:

  1. cost/return feasibility studies push projects to materialisation,
  2. subsidies are utilised more efficiently,
  3. grids are prepared to capture renewable energy volatility,
  4. subsidies remain not only to support the growth of renewables but more importantly to serve the renewable energy integration within the existing infrastructure,
  5. social awareness and cooperation at all levels of authorities pave the way for its dispersion, and
  6. higher carbon prices and stringent policies to penalize high emissions.
From-Dawn-to-Sunrise-_EN.pdf (620 KB)