Monthly Commodity Update – Preparing for upside in 2018

by: Hans van Cleef , Casper Burgering , Nadia Menkveld , Georgette Boele

A consolidation in Q4, but a rally in 2018

  • Over the last three months the CRB index rose by around 3%.
  • The impact of higher oil and metal prices was dampened by weakness in agricultural commodities (due to large inventories).
  • For the remainder of 2017, we expect the CRB index to move sideways because of limited near-term upside potential in oil and metal prices and some weakness in agri prices.
  • We expect large inventories to continue to result in lower grain prices in Q4 2017.
  • Next year we expect the CRB index to rise by close to 10% because of our optimistic view on oil, gold and agri prices
Monthly-Commodity-Update-October-2017.pdf (616 KB)