The cultivation of insects: a small sector with great opportunities

by: Jan de Ruyter

In Europe, there is an interesting upcoming market for the cultivation of insects, not only for consumer food products, but in particular for feed (animal food). Insects consist of various ingredients; proteins and oil are the most valuable. Insect proteins from the black soldier fly (BSF or Hermetia illucens) and the small mealworm (the so-called Buffalo worm) are the most competitive with fishmeal and soya protein-extract when it comes to pricing and quality.

The production volumes of insect breeders are still small. However, demand improves and in the near future an extension of production is expected. If insect breeders want to benefit from these upcoming markets, they have to increase their production volumes substantially and focus on mechanization and automation.

In order to create a good market position and steady product sales, the formation of innovative, closed production and sales chains is essential. The development of attractive concepts for consumers and a focus on the added-value of insects for the performance and health of fish, chicken or pig can offer a lot of opportunities.


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