Dutch Economy in Focus – Stable growth

by: Nico Klene

  • The Dutch economy did well in the first half year. Both the first and second quarter produced 0.6% growth relative to the previous quarter. Consumption, investment and exports all contributed to this expansion.
  • Growth in global trade remains sluggish, which is not favourable for exports. However, the solid improvement in household purchasing power is keeping the economy on a sustained growth path.
  • Producer and consumer confidence is under some pressure, suggesting that economic growth may be lower in the second half of this year than in the first half.
  • Now that the initial Brexit fallout appears to be less severe than anticipated, we have raised our growth forecasts for 2017 again. In 2017 the Dutch economy is seen expanding by 1½% . This will contribute towards a further slight fall in unemployment.
Dutch-Economy-in-Focus-Sep-2016-1.pdf (554 KB)

Sustained economic growth

The economy grew just as fast in the second quarter as in the first quarter. According to provisional figures, gross domestic product (GDP) advanced 0.6% relative to the previous quarter (qoq). Dutch second-quarter economic growth was thus twice higher than that of the eurozone.