Dutch Election Results – PM Rutte’s VVD beats them all

door: Han de Jong , Theo de Kort , Nico Klene

  • The Dutch voters seem to have made a choice against populism, pro-Europe, pro-sustainability and pro a market economy
  • PM Rutte’s VVD by far the biggest party and will be in the lead forming new cabinet
  • The Greens with their young popular leader Jesse Klaver biggest winner and obvious candidate for new government
  • Christian Democrats (CDA) and left-wing liberals of D66 also in winning mood with plusses of six and seven seats, respectively
  • Eurosceptic Wilders’ PVV gains 5 seats, considerably less than polls had suggested earlier. The PVV becomes the second largest party..
  • Devastating loss for labour party PvdA
  • Heart of new cabinet likely to be formed by VVD, CDA, D66
  • Most likely is that the Greens as biggest winner by seats will be the first option to join the government as fourth party
  • An alternative might be a coalition of the three core parties plus the Christen Unie (CU, social Christians), perhaps supported by one or more smaller parties
  • New cabinet will be centrist
  • A referendum about a ‘Nexit’ can be ruled out at least during the life of the new government
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The results presented in this publication are based on 96% of all votes counted. Small changes remain possible.