Personalised services are transforming the Leisure industry

door: Stef Driessen , Wouter Sterk

Personalised-services-are-transforming-the-Leisure-industry.pdf (3 MB)

Consumers feel there is little in the way of diversity within the Leisure industry. So, increasingly their single most important point of reference is the P of price. Another P, though, offers a way out of this commodity trap. Personalisation through the use of information technology enables players to offer consumers tailored services.

Innovative approach

This innovative approach can be applied in all stages of the customer journey. And this may be variable content so customers are informed and inspired, or products and services closely aligned with customers’ individual wishes and preferences. Some of the guidelines discussed in this report play a pivotal role in this:

  1. Inspire and recognise/acknowledge the consumer through relevant content
  2. Use personal data to proactively anticipate consumer preferences
  3. Learn more from and about your customers during their stay
  4. If you can, put the consumer in the driver’s seat
  5. Mobilise the rapidly growing power of the mobile channel

Willingness to pay

Such a personal approach would reinforce the consumers’ willingness to pay more – opening up the opportunity to sell a broader package of additional services and, ultimately, also the chance to turn consumers into loyal visitors.

Both ABN AMRO and Deloitte expect this new development to grow into an important driver in this industry in the coming years. Players who board this train right now could be well ahead of the competition tomorrow. The essential issue here is the willingness to follow this new discipline and to experiment. This report presents the successful cases of personalisation experts Expedia, Uber and Triposo – as a source of inspiration.